A Questionnaire helping you discover your health

Western attitudes to diet and eating tend to assume we are all the same. General dietary advice is frequently given on television, radio, in our newspapers and magazines. We are all advised to eat less fat, consume more vegetables or take additional vitamins. Fried foods are bad, steamed are good. Eggs contain too much cholesterol and we should choose low fat yoghurts, cheese and milk. Whereas this advice might help at one level it does not take into account that we all need different foods depending on our condition and the environment in which we live and work.

We often get into habits of eating what we think will be good for our bodies and health, and not what our bodies actually need.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis will be prepared from the information you supply in this health assessment questionnaire.

We will send you this together with corrective nutritional advice based on that diagnosis. The advice will be specifically for you derived from the information you supply in this questionnaire and should not be recommended to anyone else.

The Oriental approach, recognises that everyone has different nutritional and dietary needs based on their constitution. Over 2000 years of careful observation has lead to a method whereby an assessment of an individual’s health can be made from understanding patterns and indicators from questioning. Acupuncture and Herbalism are based on the same principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A diagnosis can be derived from the answers to the following questions, and dietary advice given that will address your individual problems and restore and maintain your health.

Please read all the questions before completing this questionnaire. This will help ensure that you fill it in correctly.

Some of the questions are gender and age specific and will not relate to you. In these cases just leave them blank.

The questions relate to your condition in the last 3 months only and it is very important when thinking about the answers that you bear this in mind.

Once you have completed the Questionnaire and submitted it we will send you a payment link, the cost for the nutritional advice for better health is £65
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