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Nickie H
Acupuncture has really boosted my digestive system, which has led to weight loss and increased energy levels. It is always a joy seeing George who offers all sorts of advice alongside the treatment, from practical career advice to emotional relationship advice, and I always leave feeling brighter than when I arrive.
Alice B
George played a pivotal role in alleviating the nausea associated with my chemotherapy. Thanks to his expertise, my appetite improved beyond measure, and my sleep quality improved significantly. His profound knowledge of the treatment pathways greatly contributed to my overall well-being. I am immensely grateful for his unwavering support, guidance, and empathy throughout this challenging period. With George’s assistance, I have successfully recovered from my surgery, received an all-clear on the cancer front, and continue to rely on him for immune-boosting and general well-being sessions. His tremendous support has been invaluable,  thank you George.
Nicola K
After a winter of one virus after another I started the year with an immune system on the floor, headaches on and off and no energy at all. A friend suggested that I try acupuncture which I have to say I had never experienced before. I was introduced to George by a couple of friends and began a course of treatment which I really hoped would make a difference but I have to admit I was not totally convinced. George was extremely thorough and took time to explain exactly how the treatment would work and how I might feel afterwards. My treatment extended to dietary advice and simple cognitive exercises too. I have now had four sessions and I feel a different person. My energy levels are right back on track and I feel so much more positive in general. I would highly recommend acupuncture as a form of treatment for many reasons. If you are in any doubt whatsoever give it a go as I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.
Andrew L
I have for quite some period of time suffered, on and off, with both leg and back pain. This followed an accident I had in 1984 which resulted in a prolapsed lumbar disc L4/5 and subsequently an operation to remove the bulge to stop the pain in my leg.

I was understandably upset and distressed last autumn to find that I was experiencing the same symptoms again. I had previously had small bouts of sciatica in between times but this time was as bad as could remember it.

I followed my usual course of action and contacted the local physiotherapy practice who had helped me before, but after a month and despite tacking prescription only pain relief and anti inflammatory medication, the symptoms were getting worse with loss of feeling and use of my right foot. At this point I went to see an orthopaedic surgeon who sent me for an MRI scan, this revealed a prolapsed disc at both L4/5 the original site, and a new one at L3/4. Several options were offered to me including the option of surgery again, this was not appealing to me given the fact that one of the discs was the one already operated on some years before.

During this whole process several friends and acquaintances had suggested that I go to see an acupuncturist.

I had been given a business card by my Daughter, who had a friend whose mother had been to the Wiltshire Acupuncture Practice. Acupuncture had never appealed to me especially as it involved needles, never the less; I picked up the phone and made my 1st appointment.

The process is much the same as with any other health care professional, at my 1st appointment lots of notes were made and questions asked to establish my health status and specifically the nature of my current symptoms. We also discussed how Acupuncture and Shiatsu medicine can help in other ways if you embrace the whole concept of the therapy rather than just having needles stuck in you.

4 months on from my 1st visit, my pain in my right leg is all but gone, I have a far more positive outlook, and difficult situations at work don’t get me as stressed as they once did. I have also lost a bit of weight thanks to the small changes to my diet that were suggested by the practice, all part of embracing the whole ideology.

I would recommend The Wiltshire Acupuncture Practice to anybody who is struggling with pain relief, and not getting the help they need through the normal channels. The one thing that was keeping me from going originally was the thought of all the needles, they are so thin that you hardly notice them and I wish I had been to see an acupuncture practitioner earlier.

Franca D
I came to George with worry and anxiety about several areas of my life and lack of sleep. From the first appointment the acupuncture has helped me relax, eased my mind and improved my sleep patterns. The results are ongoing and deepening with regular appointments. As well as being an excellent practitioner, George has a warm, professional manner and provides fantastic explanation of the treatments.
Lucia K
I am suffering from PCOS and I’ve never had my period naturally! I had to take pills for years in order to have a period. I never ovulated either. Also I was feeling so tired all the time. My immunity was very bad. I’ve had coughs and colds every month, mood swings, depressions… I was really feeling down. Then friend of mine told me about George and how he helped so many people. I didn’t really believe that it would help but I tried it. It is unbelievable how different you feel after just one session. After 2 sessions I got my period naturally! After 5 sessions I got first ovulation! I couldn’t believe it! Depressions, mood swings – all gone and I don’t even know how. I feel so positive and full of energy. George is amazing and he loves helping people. I believe no other acupuncturist would help me this much I believe it’s because George is one of the best.
Sharon B
My friend recommended that I go and see George and I’m very glad I did. I had been suffering from some sort of post-viral fatigue for some time and also had to have a major operation last year. As a result I was very run down, tired and generally feeling low. I was slightly hesitant at first because I absolutely hate anything to do with needles, but I have to say that this turned out not to be a problem for me. Following each treatment, I have always found that I have more energy and it also seems to lift my mood. I had a very difficult year both physically and emotionally last year and as well as feeling like the acupuncture was giving my body the extra boost it needed, George was also incredibly supportive and caring, giving me additional advice on all sorts of things from diet to anxiety management. I would recommend George unreservedly (even to those that don’t like needles).
Balu A
Though I had had acupuncture before, I was a little nervous the first time I saw George. I need not have worried because he completely put me at my ease and he is incredibly skilful with the needles.
The treatment I am receiving has made me feel much better already and a recent lingering cold disappeared totally 24 hours after seeing George. A persistent cough I had suffered from for ages was also cured. George makes you feel that he is always at hand to give advice via e-mail and I am certainly benefiting hugely from my acupuncture treatment.
Nicola H
I stopped smoking after two acupuncture treatments. I smoked 30 a day for 15 years. It was incredible the desire just vanished. It was painless and made me feel healthier straight away. I would certainly recommend George.
Georgie M
I’ve been seeing George for nearly 5 years for treatment of general health maintenance, migraine and Hormonal imbalance. His treatments have always
made a positive difference. He is very insightful and helpful in understanding ones holistic health and management. His acupuncture certainly supports this too. Consistently professional, gentle, sensitive and supportive. I highly recommend seeing George for maintaining good health.
Catherine B
After suffering from dry, red eyes for years I sought help through acupuncture and I have been thrilled with the results. I haven’t had the need to use eye drops since my treatment began and after following George’s dietary advice I feel more efficient and whole.
Ben H
Presenting symptoms: hayfever – blocked sinuses, itchy nose and throat, regular sinus infections, lack of sleep, difficulty breathing. I was previously taking combinations of over-the-counter medicine to manage the symptoms to varying degrees of success.Results from accupuncture: significant reduction of symptoms to the point where last year I only took one or two anti-histamines (down from taking them daily previously) all summer. The acupuncture, along with advised dietary changes, means that I can breathe and exercise normally and have minimal symptoms of hayfever now.
Georgie M
I saw George for facial acupuncture to reduce and prevent the inevitable ageing process. Once you get used to having needles in your face. ! The 6 week intense course with supportive facials (that are outstanding) is Miraculous. My constant frown line disappeared immediately and many people commented on my skin and still do. Most importantly. I noticed the difference and felt good about helping myself naturally which was also supporting the whole body simultaneously. Genius!
Jamie Hamilton Principle East West School
George is an excellent teacher who is able to communicate complex Chinese Medicine theory with clear and accessible language, while having a clear grasp on the more energetic and emotional aspects of the subject. My students consistently enjoy and value his practical work and hands on knowledge of Shiatsu, Acupressure, and Chinese Medicine.