Apply your knowledge and expand your current horizons with this shiatsu course that is aimed at improving and adding to your ability, enabling you to significantly increase your effectiveness as a shiatsu practitioner.

Years of clinical experience are shared in this course designed to help you understand and maximise your individual strengths and how not to fear weaknesses.


It will include pulse/tongue diagnostic tools.

Deal with case taking and correct diagnosis and advice on lifestyle and diet (TCM based).

Offer five element qigong, meditation and corrective exercises.

Enhance shiatsu techniques, qi quality and styles of working.

Includes many effective acupressure, moxa and cupping prescription for specific ailments with the focus around musculo skeletal imbalances, obstetric and gynecological imbalances, digestive disease, and respiratory and skin disorders.

Course notes will be provided.


George Dellar MRSS(T) DS, Lic ac. MBRCP who has been involved with shiatsu since 1989, a shiatsu practitioner since 1995 and a teacher since 1998. He is also a qualified acupuncturist and runs a busy practice. He has taught for the European Shiatsu School for many years, has been invited to teach an array of post graduate courses in the UK and wider Europe and has developed many of his own courses focusing on the quality of touch, untangling theory and practice and qi development, acupuncture, pulse diagnosis, cupping and moxa to name a few. He has a strong interest in integrating five element touch into shiatsu. George brings together many years of clinical experience and has designed a course to identify how practitioners’ strengths can be maximised and their fears understood and reduced. This course will offer shiatsu students and practitioners solutions that will help their knowledge, their clients, and help their practice expand.


The course will be run over 9 separate days and the total cost is £540 (£60 per day).

You will need apply with details of your stage of shiatsu development and details of qualification before being accepted onto the course. A deposit of £100 will be required to secure your place, places will be limited. The course will be certificated.

COURSE DATES (as in headline) AND TIMES

Term 1 – Four days- Starting – 10.00AM to 5.00PM

Term 2 – Five days – Starting – 10.00AM to 5.00PM

Please email for more information or call George on 01672 539582


One of the problems that George identifies is that often people who seek shiatsu have complex problems that, despite months and sometime years of effort, no one has been able to resolve. Shiatsu can often help these problems in the short term but then there are a number of patients that continually present with the same reoccurring issues. George Says ‘the objective surely has to be to return these individuals to health and resolve these issues once and for all’. This course concentrates on this aspect of clinical practice, the strategies that need to be employed to reach a correct diagnoses and the appropriate treatment, be it shiatsu, moxa, cupping, diet advice or exercise. It offers the shiatsu student and practitioner a variety diagnostic tools and shiatsu approaches specifically targeted at specific ailments. George believes this will help change the course of the practitioner’s shiatsu and maximize their unique potential through individual attention and coaching.


A deposit of £100 is required to secure your place. For further information about the course and to book your place please call George Dellar on 01672 539582 or email him at .