5 day introductory course to basic needling

This 5 day certificated course in basic needling with ‘The Wiltshire Acupuncture Practice’ introduces some basic needling into your practice and designed to enhance your existing skills, it introduces those that may be interested in exploring a full time acupuncture course but would like an introduction to needling before embarking on this time consuming and expensive path.


The course is taught in a friendly atmosphere, the emphases is on having fun as well as serious study and learning new ways to approach helping your patients. The course does not, nor is intended to qualify you as an acupuncturist. Included is an introduction to some basic and safe needling on limbs, covering some points that will provide a valuable adjunct to your practice. You will be required to have some training in anatomy and physiology and you will only be accepted on the course at the discretion of the principal.

You will receive a comprehensive set of course notes to accompany your studies.

The course includes at an introduction level:

Basic Needling Techniques

First Aid Point Needling

Musculo Skeletal Imbalances

Respiratory and Skin Disorders

Digestive Disease

Obstetric & Gynecological Imbalances


The following comments reflect the views of previous Shiatsu students that have attended this course.

‘I liked the relaxed atmosphere, didn’t feel like I was on a course, so enjoyable and has made me want to do more at the centre. George explained fantastically, very approachable’.

‘Very well planned and supported by course file with handouts’.

‘The course was packed full of really useful information’

‘The teaching was so clear and really useful, I would recommend this course without hesitation’

‘The course was taught in a very down to earth manner and George clearly and patiently explained things’


George Dellar Lic.ac MRSS (T) and member of the MBRCP will teach the course in Wiltshire. He is an experienced teacher of oriental medicine and a qualified acupuncture and shiatsu practitioner.


The fee of £550* for the 5 days includes needles and all necessary equipment.* Insurance cost is extra. For those that are already belonging to the H & L Balen Block scheme it will cost in the region of £50/60* to add needling to your current insurance. This annual policy will cover you while on the course and for practice afterwards with the necessary attendance certificate. The cost is £150* from H & L Balen for students that do not belong to a block scheme, again an annual cover. * subject to change.


*H & L Balen can be contacted on Tel. 01684 893006 once through press option 1, for the Block Scheme department or dial direct to block scheme Tel. 01684 580771. The course is certificated and provided you pass the necessary level to obtain your attendance certificate at the end of the course you will then be allowed to needle for the period of the insurance, renewable every year. If you are already insured with another organisation you may wish to contact them to arrange the necessary needling insurance. You will need to supply a copy of your insurance certificate showing the needling insurance before the commencement of the course.


The course runs over 5 separate days. The day starts at 10.00 and finishes at 4.30 with an hour for lunch.

NEXT COURSE. for information please email info@naturallyhealthy.net

A deposit of £100 is required to secure your place. For further information about the course and to book your place please call George Dellar on 01672 539582 or email him at info@naturallyhealthy.net .


Very specific ailments are identified in each of the areas that are covered, namely,

Musculo Skeletal Imbalances

First Aid point Needling

Respiratory and Skin Disorders

Digestive Disease

Obstetric & Gynecological Imbalances

Within the course we look at each of the areas listed above at a very basic level and teach an introduction to the main pathological patterns, main aetiology, general pathologies, prime organs involved in the imbalances and then how specific problems and imbalances fit to these patterns as an overview. Students have commented that this is a good introduction to the arena of acupuncture and has helped them to understand the first basic principles. You will be able to use the basic prescriptions on limbs only confident in the knowledge that you have understood Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) imbalances and diagnosed them correctly.