Years of clinical experience are shared in this course which is designed to take your understanding of the issues surrounding back pain and the most effective treatment protocols. As a result of this course, more of your patients will be relieved of the huge burden associated with both acute and chronic back pain, in turn your reputation in this field will grow.
Open to therapist from all backgrounds with the common aim of improving outcomes for patients with acute and chronic back pain.
if you are an acupuncturist, shiatsu, massage, yoga, physiotherapist practitioner or any therapist that deals with patients with back pain this course is for you.
In summary this course gives in depth understanding of back pain, its causes, treatment methodologies and self-management techniques.
Using Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory for diagnoses it will help you understand your clients mental attitude to their pain, treatment principals, including, acu-pressure points, shiatsu, massage, cupping / moxa, yoga, exercise, five element qigong, lifestyle and diet.


George Dellar FwSS(T) DS, Lic ac. MBRCP who has been involved with TCM since 1989, a shiatsu practitioner since 1995 and a teacher since 1998. He is a qualified acupuncturist, shiatsu practitioner and teacher and runs a busy practice where his reputation for resolving problematic back pain problems is widely renowned. He has taught for the European Shiatsu School amongst others for many years, has been invited to teach an array of post graduate courses in the UK and wider Europe and has developed many of his own courses. George brings together many years of clinical experience and has designed a course to identify how practitioners’ strengths and effectiveness can be maximised. This course will offer its students solutions that will help their understanding, their techniques, their clients, and mean their practice will expand.


I have for quite some period of time suffered, on and off, with both leg and back pain. This followed an accident I had in 1984 which resulted in a prolapsed lumbar disc L4/5 and subsequently an operation to remove the bulge to stop the pain in my leg. 4 months on from my 1st visit, my pain in my right leg is all but gone, I have a far more positive outlook, and difficult situations at work don’t get me as stressed as they once did. I have also lost a bit of weight thanks to the small changes to my diet that were suggested by the practice, all part of embracing the whole ideology.


The course will be run over 3 separate days and the total cost is only £375
You will need apply with details of your study to date and details of qualification before being accepted onto the course.
A deposit of £150 will be required to secure your place, places will be limited. The course will be certificated.


3 CONSECUTIVE DAYS- 10.00AM to 5.00PM – New dates to be announced soon at London Venue
Please email for more information or call George on 01672 539582