2 day Needle Refinement course

for those that have completed the 5 day certificated course in basic Acupuncture specifically designed for final stage and post graduate Shiatsu Students

This 2 day refinement course will cover more basic imbalance and honing needling techniques. Not only will it give you the opportunity to revisit studies so far and meet others that have completed the course it will allow you to hone technique and move on to a more sophisticated level. There will be a strong focus on 5 element styles of treatment, texture of energy and how to find and correctly adjust that energy. Two needles for imbalances using the wood, fire earth, metal and water points will be used to harmonise. Work with hara diagnosis and subsequent needling will be incorporated.


George Dellar MBRCP Dip ac MRSS (T) DS will teach the course at Christmas House in Wiltshire.


Like the first course it will be taught in a friendly atmosphere, the emphases is on having fun as well as serious study and learning new ways to approach helping your patients. Just a reminder, the course does not, nor is intended to qualify you as an acupuncturist, however it does provide a valuable and on going learning programme enabling you to needle common points on limbs at a basic level that benefit many ailments and imbalances.


The fee of £200 for the 2 days, this includes needles and all necessary equipment.


As you have already attended one course your insurance should be up to date, please make sure this is the case.You will need to supply a copy of the certificate showing the needling insurance before the commencement of the course.


The course runs over 2 separate days. The day starts at 10.00 and finishes at 4.30 with an hour for lunch.

The next course please email info@naturallyhealthy.net for details.


A deposit of £65 is required to secure your place. The remainder of £115 at the start of the course. For further information about the course and to book your place please call George Dellar on 01672 539582 or email info@naturallyhealthy.net